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3 injuries that can result from an 18-wheeler accident

Accidents can happen at any time and for any reason. Looking away from the road for a single moment can cause a major collision, and another driver’s unsafe maneuver could lead to a pileup. It often seems that some vehicles are riskier on the road than others, though. Semi-trucks, for example, often pose unique risks to other drivers — and these risks can culminate in severe injuries if a crash occurs.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 100,000 people suffer injuries in a given year from collisions involving large trucks. If you are one of these victims experiencing a severe injury such as the following, you should seek medical attention and legal counsel as soon as possible in order to prevent any further detriment to your life. 

Traffic accidents surge each year on Thanksgiving

Many Louisiana residents look forward to Thanksgiving gatherings with great anticipation, but government crash data suggests that they should take great care if they plan on traveling by road to reach them. More fatal traffic accidents take place during the Thanksgiving long weekend than during any other public holiday according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Fatality Analysis Reporting System, but there are steps that motorists can take to reduce their chances of being involved in a crash.

It is a busy travel period, and more cars, trucks and SUVs on the road will generally result in more accidents. The dangers of traffic congestion are magnified on Thanksgiving because many motorists are driving on unfamiliar roads or are making their way home after consuming alcohol. About 40 percent of the road users killed during the 2012 Thanksgiving holiday lost their lives in a crash involving a drunk driver according to the NHTSA.

When should I go to the doctor after a neck injury?

Many of us don't like going to the doctor's office for every little ache and pain. Visits can be expensive, even with insurance, and we don't like spending money to be told to take an over-the-counter medication and go home.

If you are in a car accident or experience an impact injury, your little aches and pains could be more easily defined - particularly if it's in your neck. Whiplash often occurs after a rear-end car accident, sports injury or other impact injury. It can take a few months to recover with medication and exercise, or it can turn into a chronic problem.

What are the types of brain injury?

The brain is responsible for much more than just the physical body. It is also responsible for emotion, intelligence, personality and consciousness. Therefore, a brain injury can affect way more than just your head: It can permanently, fundamentally alter your human nature.

Brain injuries can vary widely in their nature and severity. Every case of injury is different. Still, there are a few common types of brain injury that you should know about. After all, understanding brain injuries is the first step in preventing them.

Wildlife-related accidents increase during fall season

Daylight saving time ended in Louisiana and around the country on Nov.5. This means that motorists will now be making their afternoon commutes as darkness descends. Accident rates tend to be higher during the early evening, and this is particularly true in November when drivers are getting used to fewer daylight hours and wildlife is especially active. The Colorado Department of Transportation reports that wildlife collisions surge each November, but there are steps that drivers can take to protect both animals and other motorists.

The annual fall clock change occurs during peak mating season for many animals found in Louisiana. Deer are particularly active in the fall, and even bears tend to show themselves more often as they gather food for hibernation in November and December. Motorists can avoid wildlife-related accidents if they reduce their speeds, remain alert and pay close attention to traffic signs.

Traumatic brain injury and its effects

Car accidents can cause a variety of traumatic injuries, which can number among the more serious types. The impact from a car crash can cause significant damage to the brain even in the absence of penetrating wounds or direct impact to the head.

Especially in cases of moderate TBI, diagnosis and treatment can mean a long and difficult process. Many people continue to feel the effects for a long time, sometimes for the rest of their lives.

Things to consider in a car accident settlement

Not many people give much thought to what is involved in car accident settlements until they need them. There is a big misunderstanding that to file a claim for compensation, there must be an abundance of property damage, major injuries or death. However, it is possible for you to file a claim for compensation in a car accident situation when there is little to no property damage. 

Because car accidents claims differ, it is important for you to understand how your actions after an accident can affect the amount of damages you can recover. Take some time to review the following information to better understand car accident claims. 

Understanding wrongful death actions in Louisiana

When a loved one dies as a result of a serious accident, close family members may be able to bring a lawsuit to recover damages. While no amount of money can make up for the loss of someone you love, for many people the compensation can help offset some of the financial aspects of their loss.

According to Louisiana law, the surviving spouse and children are first in line to qualify as plaintiffs for a wrongful death case. If the deceased was not married and had no children, other potential plaintiffs may include parents and siblings.

What should I do after a car accident?

Car accidents in Louisiana are often one of life's most frightening and stressful situations. It is important for you to learn how to handle the aftermath of a car accident just in case you are ever involved in one.

Here is a brief overview on how you should handle a car accident situation.

Medical examiners to have discretion in sleep apnea referrals

An existing sleep apnea screening policy for truckers will remain in place following the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's withdrawal of a proposed rule. Although the agency pursued work on the rule throughout 2016, officials now say that the current sleep apnea protocol is sufficient, which may leave motorists in Louisiana and other states across the country wanting to know more.

Federal officials had intended to clarify a regulation that many in the trucking industry have found confusing. As current policy stands, sleep apnea screening lacks consistency because medical examiners base referrals on different sets of protocols. Physicians, testing companies and associated manufacturers may have profited unfairly as a result, according to some drivers who claim that they have received unwarranted referrals.