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3 conditions that make truckers a danger behind the wheel

Every motor vehicle collision has the potential to cause great amounts of damage. However, when a massive commercial vehicle is one of the vehicles involved in a crash, it is especially likely that the other parties involved will suffer catastrophic injuries.

This is why it is vital that truckers drive safely and obey strict trucking regulations in place to prevent crashes. Unfortunately, not all truck drivers do this. Some drive despite conditions that make them a danger behind the wheel. We look at three of these conditions below.

  1. Fatigue: Truck driving is demanding, and it requires long hours on the road. There are rules in place to limit on-duty hours to prevent fatigued driving, but there are drivers who will falsify logbooks and violate these regulations in the interest of reaching a destination more quickly. This puts them at risk of being too tired to drive safely.
  2. Drug or alcohol impairment: Using drugs to stay awake, alcohol to combat boredom or any other dangerous substance for any reason before or while driving a commercial truck can impair a person's cognitive skills and reaction time.
  3. Distraction: Commercial truckers are prohibited from using handheld phones while driving. However, many still do as a means of dealing with boredom or connecting with others during long trips, and this can lead to accidents that could have otherwise been avoided.

These conditions have an effect on every driver, but they can be particularly troubling for a person who is behind the wheel of a massive, 80,000-pound vehicle barreling down a highway at 60 miles per hour.

If you or a loved one is injured in an accident that may have been caused by a negligent, reckless trucker, you need to know your legal options. The trucker likely has the support and resources of his or her employer as well as a trucking company to defend against truck accident claims, so it is crucial that you also have an advocate fighting for your rights. With the help of an attorney, you can work to hold the appropriate party responsible for the compensation you deserve.

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