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How concussions are diagnosed

Among traumatic brain injuries, concussions are one of the hardest to define. Though physicians 10 or 15 years ago would have said that a concussion is a loss of consciousness following a traumatic injury, that's not the case now. Residents of Louisiana may want to know just what is involved in a concussion because it happens more often than some might think.

Concussions are known more through their neurological effect than through anything that an MRI or CT scan could detect. For this reason, they are called functional injuries. The trauma that leads to a concussion can be either direct, such as a blow to the head, or indirect, such as when the head is shaken in such a way that it disturbs brain functions. If the injury results in symptoms like headaches, dizziness, changes in thought patterns or sensitivity to light, then doctors know that a concussion has taken place.

Concussions only rarely lead to loss of consciousness. It's possible, then, for someone to suffer a concussion and not know it until the symptoms appear. They could happen not only when playing sports like football and hockey but also when doing simple activities like riding a bike or descending stairs.

Car accidents also lead to their fair share of concussions, which can complicate matters when victims decide to file an injury claim. It's important for such people to hire lawyers who can bring in investigators and argue for fair settlements. They can also estimate how much victims will need in order to treat long-term medical effects such as post-concussion syndrome. After the firm has built up enough evidence of the other driver's negligence, the lawyer can negotiate with the insurance companies, taking the case to court only if a settlement isn't reached.

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