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Logging devices could reduce truck accidents

When Louisiana drivers get behind the wheel, they generally want to feel safe. From drunk motorists to distracted drivers, there are a number of hazards that can cause devastating accidents. The effects of a motor vehicle accident only escalate when a large truck or bus is involved.

Truck driver fatigue is a concern not only for drivers but also for federal regulators. This concern led to the recent creation of a federal trucking regulation requiring the use of electronic devices to log driver time on the road. As of December 2017, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires the use of Electronic Logging Devices that can record, track, manage and share the time that truck drivers are on the road.

Many independent truck drivers have objected to the installation of the devices and the implementation of the federal rule. They have said that their privacy rights would be violated and that they would be subject to 24-hour government surveillance. The regulation has been ordered to prevent truck drivers from shaving off hours on paper logs. The Electronic Logging Devices connect to the engine of a semi-truck directly, and they keep track of time and movement on the road per the motion of the engine.

Truck drivers who are overly fatigued can cause crashes that lead to severe personal injuries. A personal injury lawyer could help a trucking accident victim by providing advice and representation in order to pursue compensation for lost wages, medical bills and other damages. If necessary, an attorney could take a lawsuit to court.

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