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Safety technology can lower crash death risk

Everyone who gets on the roadways in Louisiana is at risk of a car crash caused by an array of dangers. From drunk drivers or people texting while driving to inclement weather and low visibility, drivers and passengers are at risk due to the behavior of others. However, there have been improvements to people's safety on the road; the risk of dying in an auto crash has been lowered substantially because of the development of safety features and other technology that help to protect people in later-model vehicles, including cars and small trucks.

Safety technologies have been improved to help lower deaths in car crashes, according to research conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Nine vehicles produced in 2011 had driver death rates at zero throughout 2012, according to the statistics collected by IIHS. Increased popularity of different vehicle types, development of more advanced safety technologies and other improvements in car design have all contributed to these advances. IIHS estimated that at least 7,700 lives were saved in 2012 that would otherwise have been lost if safety technology had remained in its 1985 state of development.

Improved results had already been seen in crash test performance, but continued progress was reflected in the real-life numbers shown in the report. Some vehicle types, like SUVs, evidenced strong development over the years that driver deaths were studied; while early models had risks of rollover, later models were some of the safest cars studied.

Safety technology, in and of itself, can't remove all of the risks of the road, especially those caused by driver negligence or intoxication. Many people suffer catastrophic personal injuries due to car accidents caused by others. A personal injury lawyer may provide advice and representation to people who have been injured in an auto crash. A lawyer might help clients seek compensation for their pain and suffering, medical bills and other damages incurred as a result.

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