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Deescalating road rage situations

Most drivers in Louisiana and around the country have either witnessed or been involved in a road rage incident. The pressures of modern life and the increasingly busy schedules of many Americans are among the reasons cited by experts for the alarming increase in road rage over the last few decades, but motorists may be able to reduce their chances of becoming embroiled in a dispute with an enraged driver by remaining calm and taking steps to deescalate tense situations.

Not responding to drivers who seek to bully or intimidate other road users can be difficult, but remaining calm is the best way to prevent anger from boiling over into violent or dangerous behavior. Experts advise drivers to be particularly watchful for aggressive driving and move out of the way when they see vehicles approaching quickly from behind, and they urge them to only use their headlights or horns to warn of their approach and not to chastise other road users.

Tempers can be especially difficult to keep under control during rush-hour commutes in slow-moving traffic or when navigating city streets clogged with vehicles. Drivers may be provoked to fury when other road users fail to react quickly enough to a green light or pounce on a vacant parking space, but engaging with them could lead to tragedy. Instead, road safety advocates advise drivers to remain focused on reaching their destinations safely and view obnoxious behavior and road rage as unavoidable parts of modern road travel.

Drivers who cause serious injuries or death in car accidents are sometimes convicted of serious crimes and sent to prison for prolonged periods, but this does not prevent their victims from seeking redress in civil court. When reckless motorists who have caused injury, loss or damage are unable to make restitution due to incarceration, experienced personal injury attorneys may pursue civil remedies against their car insurance providers or estates.

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