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June 5 begins the International Roadcheck

Commercial truck drivers and bus drivers in Louisiana will want to ensure compliance with safety guidelines because the 2018 International Roadcheck will commence June 5. This inspection spree, which ends June 7, is an annual event conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance with the purpose of ensuring the safety of truckers and the other drivers they share the roads with.

This year, the CVSA will have a special focus on detecting hours-of-service violations. Not only were these a top issue in the 2017 International Roadcheck, but they are also a concern in the wake of the ELD mandate implemented back in December 2017. In that mandate, the U.S. DoT requires that all commercial trucks install electronic logging devices, or ELDs, to track the service hours. This cuts down on paperwork and prevents drivers from falsifying their logs.

For most big rigs this year, the inspectors will be conducting the most thorough inspection, which is the Level I inspections. This covers both driver- and vehicle-related compliance.

During the 2017 roadcheck, 63,000 vehicles were stopped and inspected (an average of 15 vehicles every minute). The CVSA issued 15,000 orders to put drivers out of service: 12,000 for vehicle-related violations, and 3,000 for driver-related ones. Besides hours-of-service violations, brake violations were also frequent.

Truckers often violate the hours-of-service guidelines so that they can make their deliveries on time. Unfortunately, this means they start to drive while drowsy, which could result in a truck accident. Victiims could file for any monetary losses they incur, and if someone dies in the accident, the family could file a wrongful death suit. Consulting an attorney may be helpful at this time.A lawyer might assess the claim, build it up with the proof gathered by investigators, and negotiate for a fair settlement with the trucking company.

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