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Key factors that contribute to determining damages

Accidents occur every day and can leave people with serious injuries. Thankfully, for those who were not at fault for their accident, it may be possible to win an accident claim to gain compensation for their injuries and suffering.

In order to gain the best award amount possible, it is important to understand the calculation process for damages and consult a personal injury attorney. The amount of damages can range depending upon a few different factors.  

Possible improvement

In some instances, people are able to make a full recovery and return to their normal lives. On the other hand, some injuries may permanently alter the life of the injured party. In the later cases, the damage award can account for this. Especially if a person's job is labor intensive, and his or her maximum medical improvement is 70 percent or less, the person may not be able to return to the same position at all. This can impact employability and earning capacity for the rest of the person's life.

Impact on lifestyle

Outside of work, debilitating accidents can affect various aspects of a person's lifestyle. It can put strain on certain relationships, lead to depression and more. Damages can account for this to an extent.

Medical treatments

Medical bills are some of the most common damages that people claim. Current and previous bills are some of the easiest to prove, because they are already documented and monetized. However, it is important to properly predict the cost of future medical bills and necessary treatment due to the accident. 

Comparative fault

Along with those aspects that can help increase the payment amount, there are those that may decrease it, such as comparative fault. In short, if the court finds that a person is in any way responsible for the accident, it decreases the award amount by the percentage of fault the claimant holds.

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