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The complexity of concussions

Severe head impact has caused concussions in many Louisiana residents. However, Stanford University researchers have determined that the link between a hit to the head and a concussion is complex.

The researchers studied brain simulations and data collected from football players. They discovered that mild traumatic brain injuries, including concussions, seemed to occur when a certain area well inside of the brain shakes at a higher rate and with more severity than the areas surrounding it. Researchers also determined that because of the brain's mechanical complexity, there was no direct link between blows, bumps and spins to the head and the occurrence of injury.

One of the study's authors claims that millions of people experience concussions. While the exact manner in which a concussion is formed is still unknown, understanding what happens to the biomechanics of the brain when there is an impact may provide some clues and result in concussions being better diagnosed, treated and prevented.

In previous Stanford studies, 31 college football players were fitted with unique mouthguards that documented head motion after sustaining an impact. Some of the cases included players who had received concussions.

The data obtained from the college football players as well as comparable data obtained from professional players were entered in to the computer simulation of the brain. Using the simulation, the researchers tried to determine what type of brain activity resulted in a concussion. Use of the simulation allowed the researchers to obtain more information than what simple brain models would provide.

People who sustain brain injuries due to another party's negligence may have legal recourse. A personal injury attorney could pursue financial compensation for an injured client recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

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