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Understanding vehicle-induced brain injury

If you, like many others, have ever found yourself involved in a Louisiana car accident, you may have suffered any number of different types of injuries, from minor cuts and bruises to potentially life-threatening head, brain or spinal cord injuries. Car accidents are one of today's leading causes of traumatic brain injury, with Neuro International reporting that, of the 1.4 million brain injuries Americans suffer each year, 280,000 of them result from car crashes.

Why are car accidents such a frequent cause of brain injury?

Numerous opportunities for injury

Car crashes are common sources of TBI for a variety of reasons. Any high-impact accident can lead to serious head injuries, but there are many areas where car crash victims can knock their heads against hard surfaces. The head can, for example, strike hard surfaces inside the car, such as the steering wheel or windshield. You can also suffer a head injury during an accident if you are thrown from your vehicle and your head hits the pavement, another vehicle or other object.

The whiplash component

Whiplash, which is a neck injury that can result from car accidents if your head makes a sudden or awkward turn, can prove relatively mild in nature, or quite severe, sometimes requiring a lifetime of medical care. In unusually harsh cases, whiplash can lead to a coma and persistent brain damage.

Injuries that are not readily apparent

Car crashes can also prove tremendously dangerous with regard to brain injury because, in some cases, you can suffer a serious head injury and not even realize it until sometime later. For example, if a car crash leaves you with edema, or swelling of your brain, it may not be visible on the outside. However, if you let this condition go without treatment, it can lead to a vehicle-induced TBI.

Any time you suspect a brain injury, seek immediate medical treatment. Doing so will help you establish a course of action, and it may, too, allow you to catch potentially dangerous or even deadly conditions before they worsen.

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