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How a software startup could improve the trucking industry

Considering that over 70 percent of the United State's cargo is moved by commercial vehicles, the trucking industry is important to Louisiana. However, the average trucker puts in as much as 70 work hours in eight days. This means that many commercial drivers could be dangerously drowsy while on the job.

Truckers are at a high risk for driver fatigue. However, a startup founded in Oklahoma three years ago is doing something about this problem. Its name is BlyncSync, and it is currently developing safety software that could encourage truckers to become better drivers. Its first initiative is to create a pair of smart safety glasses that measure a trucker's blink rate and, with it, level of fatigue.

BlyncSync is also developing other wearable devices, including smart hard hats and watches that measure biometric data like heart rate. The CEO of BlyncSync has stated that its platform could help reduce accident rates as well as insurance rates. By improving safety, it could also address the current trucker shortage and high turnover rates.

Working with BlyncSync is i2E, a nationally recognized nonprofit that focuses on growing small businesses. As part of its market validation, the CEO and co-founders have spoken with over 150 individuals in the trucking industry in addition to several insurance companies.

Still, an estimated 100,000 truck accidents occur every year due to trucker fatigue. Fatigued driving is a form of negligence, so victims of such accidents often have the grounds for personal injury claims. Before they file one, though, they could benefit from some legal representation. Personal injury lawyers can build up cases with the help of investigators and either negotiate for settlements or proceed to litigation.

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