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3 mistakes to avoid after your car accident

The last thing most people want after being in a frightening crash and suffering injuries is to deal with further complications, yet doing so can be necessary for you to address your needs in the long term. Many decisions are quickly made to just make the whole thing go away but can end up damaging someone's chances of recovering the full extent of what she or he may otherwise have claim to.

Because Louisiana law limits how long you can wait to file suit, it is best for you to get a full understanding of your options before that period comes to an end. Steering clear of the following three errors can get you off to a good start:

1. Leaving information gathering to the police

While the police report from the accident scene will be an important piece of evidence, you should not rely on it for a complete assessment of what happened. If you are able, get the other driver's information yourself, and take pictures of the vehicles and the scene.

2. Accepting the first offer you get

Soon after the crash, you may get a call from the other driver's insurance company with a settlement offer. No matter how friendly and concerned the representative may sound, you need to remember that his or her topmost goal is to save the company money and trouble, not to make sure you can pay your bills. An offer at this early stage is extremely unlikely to come close to covering your actual damages, especially as you may not even know their full extent yourself.

3. Letting serious injuries fly under the radar

Sometimes, people walk away from a crash feeling alright. They may even refuse a ride to the emergency room. If this is you, keep in mind that some injuries can take time to develop symptoms yet can end up causing you serious pain and financial loss for an extended period of time. No matter how you feel, make time to schedule a check-up with your doctor, making sure to mention your accident. Additionally, in the time following the crash, keep a close watch for any changes in your mental or physical health; even apparently minor symptoms can herald a serious injury.

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