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How new devices could stop distracted driving

Two in-car devices could provide a solution to the distracted drivers that are so prevalent in Louisiana and other states. The first is developed by Katasi and is called Groove; this device can be plugged into any car and link the driver's phone to its service provider through a cloud platform. The provider can then block all incoming communications and prevent all outgoing communication once it knows that the car is in motion.

What Groove does is put the car in a sort of airplane mode according to Katasi CEO. Senders are notified that the recipient is driving, and all messages appear once the car is turned off. The device does allow for navigation and music streaming, but even these features could be blocked after customization. This can be useful, especially for parents of teen drivers.

Groove is currently undergoing two pilot programs, one with Sprint in the U.S. and one in Australia. The second device is already on the market. Developed here in this state by Cellcontrol, the device is called Drive ID and can block all communications like the previous one. What's unique about Drive ID is that it creates separate zones for drivers and passengers. It also creates driver performance reports based on speed, acceleration times and braking times. This can, again, be very useful for parents monitoring their teen drivers.

It is up to drivers whether they want to use such devices. When negligent driving leads to car accidents, the victims who were not at fault, or who were only partially at fault, may be able to receive compensation. It can be hard to gather the necessary proof of negligence alone, which is why a lawyer may be helpful. A lawyer might hire the right professionals and take on all negotiations. If the auto insurance company refuses to pay, the lawyer may litigate.

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