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Summer car crashes can cause dangerous brain injuries

People in Louisiana may be even more likely than usual to suffer serious trauma as a result of car accidents during the summer. When more drivers take to the roads to travel to summer activities, spend time with friends and family or venture out for fun, car crashes also show an upward trend. This means that summer can be a particularly dangerous month for motor vehicle accidents, especially as more young people are likely to be on the road while school is out for the break.

Traumatic brain injury is one of the most severe repercussions that can follow an auto accident. While many people have noted the risk of brain injuries during sports, auto accidents and motorcycle crashes are the cause of the largest percentage of brain injuries that lead to hospitalization. Even if it does not immediately seem as if a car accident victim has suffered a concussion or other head injury, a proper medical examination can be important. Physicians can check an accident victim's memory, recall of words, balance, coordination and other key diagnostics in order to determine whether he or she is suffering from a concussion or other brain injury.

As symptoms are not always apparent, seeking medical attention is important. Some symptoms may not occur until two or three days after the crash, especially in cases of traumatic brain injury more serious than a concussion. If the brain is bleeding without treatment, accident victims may suffer serious, irreversible brain damage.

Many serious car accidents are caused by another driver's negligent or dangerous behavior, including drunk or distracted driving. People who have been injured in a motor vehicle collision through no fault of their own may benefit from consulting with a personal injury attorney. A lawyer might be able to help accident victims to pursue compensation for the harms they have suffered, including medical bills and lost wages.

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