DWI/DUI Defense Attorney: Defend A DWI charge

small_dwiDWI is serious, and the accused driver must face two separate legal battles – criminal prosecution and DMV license suspension.

Being criminally convicted carries the most severe penalties: imprisonment, fines, community service, and probation. Even more, the convicted driver is burdened with a criminal record that is carried for life – increasing insurance premiums and any future DWI penalties, and diminishing future employment and educational opportunities. Yet, the accused has only 15 days to file written motions with the court in defense.

Moving faster against the accused, the DMV will automatically suspend the drivers license should the he or she refuse to take or fail a chemical breath test. Again, to fight the suspension the driver has only 15 days to request a hearing.

Because of DWI’s severe consequences and the small amount of time allowed clear your name George R. Tucker is your best legal ally – experienced and ready to challenge intoxication evidence, scrutinize police reports, and represent you in court.

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